Taking control Of your life

This weeks blog post is about a book that I have been reading called “Too Soon Old to late smart” by Gordon Livingston

This is for all of us who at one point in our lives have self-diagnosed oneself as depressed. Now I am no expert, and this article is purely related to the type of depression when we have trouble sleeping or sleeping all the time, no appetite or excessive appetite trouble remembering what it is to be happy, or sometimes just in plain words wishing we were dead. 

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Whenever I feel this way, I think the first thing to do is meditate. It seems to me as though I am not connected with my inner self and maybe meditation might fix it all. Whenever searching up how to fight depression, meditation seems to be one of the most popular results. 

Here is what the author tells us 

“ The good news is that we have effective treatment for the symptoms of depression the bad news is that meditation will not make you happy. Happiness is not simply the absence of despair. It is an affirmative state in which our lives have both meaning and pleasure” 

This spoke to me. I have always thought about why I wasn’t feeling that sense of happiness when there was nothing wrong with my life. It is when I reflect, I realize, that my life is very monotonous. It is as though a robot could reciprocate my exact actions and there would be no difference. 

Now being in medical school, trying to have any kind of life is sometimes, extremely difficult. Being behind on studies is every student’s worst nightmare but most of our reality. Though this is the case, we have to learn to balance. Even if it isn’t an equal balance we have to find something that brings us happiness. 

We always talk about what we need to change and what we intend to do but at the end of the day 

“ We are not what we think, or what we say or how we feel. We are what we do” 

Many of us are afraid of risks and prefer bland, predictable, and repetitive lifestyles. A lot of us don’t realize we live such a lifestyle until a point where we feel a sense of emptiness. This explains the overwhelming sense of boredom. 

The author then proceeds to give us the secret formula to happiness. 

“ The three-component of happiness is 

1. Something to do 

2. Someone to love 

3. Something to look forward too. 

Think about it, if we have useful work, sustaining relationships, and the promise of pleasure it is hard to be unhappy.  

Now the reality of it is that we can’t have something to look forward to every day especially if you have chosen a career pathway like mine and is currently overwhelmed with the workload. Saying that our mental health is important. Happiness is crucial.  

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Sometimes you just have to take the day off and be selfish about it. Do not let parts of you go due to a career pathway and do not let your life drive you in circles with every day going by just being a blur. Take control of it and spice things up, be creative, and be spontaneous. 

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