Meet our writers!

Wafaa Valiyakathu

Hey! I am Wafaa, the co-host of this blog. While medicine is the career pathway that I am currently establishing, I also want to engage in other diversions which allow me to enhance my inner creativity which is what I intend to do through this blog.

Writing has always been my escape world in terms of expressing my emotions and creativity. Articulating the right words allows me to feel the freedom in my opinions which I find difficult to do through speech. I intend to write about my personal life, med school and topics I feel passionate about.

Jerzen Benny

Hey there! I’m Jerzen, a second year medical student who loves talking about self-development, being productive and personal knowledge management. I’m always on the lookout for new apps and new methods to make life just a little bit more efficient. Habit building is also a major area I’m interested in.

I’m always down to have a chat about productivity so tell me your favorite productivity hack or just say hi using the links below.